The essential part of moving a piano is to anticipate the entire process before the actual moving process. A small mistake can simply ruin your piano. We Piano Transport Malaysia are experts in piano and organ moving. Home, condos, apartment, landed property, double storey or a bungalow- we possess the required equipment and a highly skilled team of professionals to complete the relocation process successfully.

Grand pianos are heavy and delicate. They generally take up a lot of space than the upright and are hardly seen at homes. Prior to moving, these pianos need to be disassembled to eliminate the risk factors. But what if something goes wrong? That’s why we have trained our staffs exclusively to deal with any kind of emergencies on the go. Packing a grand is another ordeal which too needs professional assistance.

On the other hand, upright pianos are comparatively smaller and are most commonly seen in house, condos and apartments. The larger upright can be heavy as the baby grand. Though expert help is not that necessary, but things can be pretty problematic when you do it alone. So it’s better to call the professionals to ensure safety.

You can easily figure it out by now, that moving a piano is not a child’s play. There can be staircases, turns, elevators, sidewalls and etc. Without fixed skill-sets it is difficult to implement this job with absolute precision. An action plan is very much needed to strategize the pathway, taking into account the possible risks.

Despite of the several hindrances in the relocation process thousands of customers from all over the globe are satisfied with our seamless service. Do you want to be a part of it?

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